NordVPN Identifies Digital Marketers as Targets for Cybercriminals

Between clients, customers, and leads, digital marketers hold a significant amount of desirable data that cyber criminals would be thrilled to get their hands on.

The digital marketing industry is valued at £220bn, with a projected growth to £581bn by 2026, making them a prime target for aspiring and seasoned ransomware artists due to their consistent usage of third-party tools and solutions creating more opportunities for a breach with the constant migration through various databases.

In an article for Search Engine Watch Juta Gurinaviciute, Chief Technical Officer at NordVPN, stated that “The marketing industry is handling a lot of data on a daily basis, with that comes increased risk of that data being leaked or intercepted. The industry is so fast-paced, data protection often becomes an afterthought when it should rather be a foundation.”

With a global increase in ransomware cases, up 62% from 2019, it’s imperative that digital marketing agencies increase a potentially overlooked part of their online presence, or risk significant repercussions not only to their finances but to their reputation due to the loss of confidential customer and client information. WPP, a leader in global advertising, reported that a cyber-attack cost them over £10m to remediate – not including the costs of both company and customer data being compromised.

Security weaknesses can manifest in a variety of ways, from outdated protections to untrained employees.

“Data suggests that more than 80% of successful data breaches involve human error,” said Gurinaviciute. “This is why organizations must invest in cybersecurity training. For businesses to stay safe, the employees must be able to recognize threats and follow safe online practices.”

Between inadequate training and mitigation digital marketing proves quite the hot spot for malware, and it’s not just the big firms that are at risk. Cyber insurer Hiscox estimated that 23% of small marketing agencies were the victim of a cyberattack in the past year, with one in six reporting that their businesses livelihood was threatened.

Cyberattacks are an unfortunate part of online business, and it’s only a matter of time before a cybercriminal locates a weakness within your network – make sure you are thoroughly protected, and your employees are educated. Contact a RedSpam specialist and discover how we can help protect your business from cybercrime.