Benefits of AI in Cybersecurity

With the increase in cybercrime, it’s unfair to expect cyber security specialists to operate alone in mitigating them. Artificial intelligence is the perfect solution to the growth not only in the frequency of cyber-attacks, but also their proficiency in disarming networks and stealing data.

With mid-sized companies seeing over 200,000 cyber events daily, as reported by TechRepublic, it’s common for threats to go undetected. AI can help relieve the pressure that high-volume traffic presents, allowing cyber security professionals to focus on the more pressing tasks without worrying about monitoring inhuman amounts of data.

Aside from being able to handle the sheer force of data behind cyber-attacks, AI has a vast array of other perks:

Adaptable Intelligence

AI learns over time, meaning the more it becomes accustomed to your network the better it will perform. AI utilises both machine and deep learning to identify patterns that the human eye may miss, and continues to assess and react to them accordingly.

AI Doesn’t Sleep

Aside from network maintenance, AI suffers no downtime. AI doesn’t operate 9-5 Monday to Friday or need any holiday – meaning that your network remains protected even if you are low on staff. Having an entity that is constantly monitoring can prove incredibly beneficial to network security as IT teams need only react to alerts, rather than spotting them manually.

A Network of Intelligence

AI not only learns from events that take place on your network but from everyone who uses the same AI programme. Imagine the collective knowledge of thousands of industry professionals all connected by one singular ever-learning entity – that’s what AI can bring to your team. With cyber-attacks increasing in their intelligence daily, AI security means that if a network across the country mitigates a new kind of cyber-attack, your network will also learn how to detect and defend against it.

Increased Response Times

Detecting a threat is the first step in mitigating it. Unnoticed threats can have a serious impact on network security, especially ones that aim to infiltrate a network at incredibly slow rates to not alert any typical threat detection software. AI-based protection can offer faster response times and alerts, allowing your team to react to the threat before the damage is done.

AI provides the ideal cybersecurity solution for a multitude of problems, be it user authentication, DDoS protection, malware alerts and more. With the global increase in strength and frequency of attacks, it’s time we opt for smarter measures to protect personal data. Get in touch with a RedSpam specialist and learn how we can protect your network.