Am-AI-zing Technology: PaloAlto’s CortexXDR has Raised the Bar for AI Cybersecurity

‘’Security teams face too many alerts, too many tools, and too many missed attacks; today’s siloed security solutions can’t keep up with evolving threats. Even when security teams deploy dozens of tools, they still lack the enterprise-wide visibility and deep analytics they need to stop attacks.’’ – PaloAlto

Named Strategic Leader by AV-Comparatives, Cortex XDR harnesses both deep and machine learning and ties it together with the power of artificial intelligence.

Machine learning was originally invented in 1952 with the first example being a computer program for playing checkers, in which the program would learn from its opponents' moves. Since their initial conception machine learning and artificial intelligence have had a growing presence within the cybersecurity sector, fuelled by the technology boom that shortly followed the invention of the internet in 1983.

Applying the concept of artificial intelligence to cybersecurity allows a more proactive approach to protection. By implementing a security measure that gets smarter with use, cyber security can begin to operate a step ahead of cybercriminals by identifying and diminishing the impact of their ever-changing attack methods before they take hold.

Palo Alto has taken artificial intelligence to the next level with Cortex XDR, combining machine learning with full scope visibility and identity analytics, simplifying investigations with integrated endpoint, network, cloud, and identity data access. Cortex XDR boasts an 8x increase in threat detection, automatically revealing the root cause of every alert, giving your team the information required to act promptly on every threat.

The useability of the Cortex XDR interface is second to none, with intuitive controls and powerful search tools, allowing security teams to search, schedule, and save queries to identify hard-to-find security breaches.

As with all AI, Cortex XDR benefits from 24/7 threat hunting but takes it one step further with threat reports that outline the tools, steps, and scopes of attacks – along with comprehensive impact data detailing the effect on your networks. Not only does the AI become more knowledgeable with every attack, but detailed forensic reports will allow your team to learn and adapt their protocol in the wake of threats.

PaloAlto has raised the bar with the Cortex XDR, and we can’t wait to see what else they bring in the future.

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