Global Crisis: A Cyberattack Every 11 Seconds in 2021

Ransomware is now a global crisis, with its effects rippling throughout every sector from private business to governments to schools - there isn’t an industry that has gone untouched by cybercrime. 

With the 2020 pandemic, along came a significant increase in malicious cyber activity – a trend that has now echoed through to 2021. Cybercriminals collectively launched a record-breaking 5.4 million DDoS attacks in the first half of 2021 alone, with many opting for new triple-extortion tactics by combining DDoS with ransomware allowing one group to obtain $100,000,000 across the early 2021 period.

Notable attacks included the Lazarus Bear Armada, a DDoS extortion campaign that continues to target a wide range of organisations with the intent of profiting off the attack. From this stemmed a new extortion attack conducted by a threat actor known as Fancy Lazarus who often attacks the DNS servers operated by ISPs. These two ongoing incidents have contributed to the 125% increase in DDoS extortion reported by the Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report.

DDoS mitigation services such as NETSCOUT and their partner Neustar have reported that over 35 of their customers received a DDoS extortion demand typically from either the Lazarus Bear Armada or Fancy Lazarus campaigns, with 50% of reporting businesses operating in the financial sector, with the other 50% consisting of shipping & logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, ISPs, gambling, retail, and more.

Large-scale operations such as the Lazarus Bear Armada and Fancy Lazarus are a key indicator of the rate at which DDoS and ransomware extortion are ravaging the online world, and thousands of smaller-scale attacks are launched daily against small businesses. Global leaders such as President Biden are pushing for a worldwide push in cybersecurity to combat the increased threat levels.

Cybersecurity and DDoS protections are a necessity now more than ever, and failure to protect your networks appropriately will cause significant financial repercussions. Cybercrime is becoming more intelligent and innovative every day, and it takes a similar innovation to defend yourself against what’s to come.

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