How to Detect, Hunt, and Respond to the Latest Threats

In light of the current shifting dynamics that are forcing everyone to work from home (for a much longer than anticipated amount of time), we must all adapt and now gain visibility of a decentralised environment to be able to quickly detect and respond to security issues as they still continue to arise - if not more so, as bad actors are taking advantage of the Covid-19 situation.

1. Detection

To stay ahead of the next emerging cyber threat, enterprises need a combination of complete visibility, advanced security controls, and practised expertise of a decentralised environment. However, this is often easier said than done, and be able to quickly respond to security issues as they arise is not easy. The importance of bi-directional visibility across all ports and going beyond deep packet inspection are essential.

These are some useful tips the detect threats with deception technology:

  • Machine learning and anomaly detection – further an organisation’s defence
  • Terrain and asset management – to address Active directory and ransomware attacks
  • Rick network metadata and forensic information

2. Hunt

It is important to know the environment you are protecting and understanding what is normal for your organisation to detect anomalous activity. The MITRE ATT&CK Framework can assist in remediation of threats to proactively protect the network.

3. Respond

Using playbooks to automate IR and IR frameworks can impact the real-time response.

Fidelis Elevate provides a terrain-based cyber defence that integrates network, endpoint and deception defences to give you holistic visibility and control of your environment. With powerful machine-learning analytics running against rich network and endpoint metadata, you can detect, hunt and respond to advanced threats – in real-time and retrospectively – at every step of an attack, keeping your business operations and data safe.

While in lockdown, you can join the cyber security experts for the next LIVE Cyber Defence Webinar Series exploring how to detect, hunt, and respond to the latest threats and how to protect your organisation and employees against them. They are running during the next weeks and they are available on-demand as well.