Hacker Profiles That Are Taking Advantage of Coronavirus

Self-isolation, social distances, lockdown… the coronavirus has upended almost every aspect of our lives. Anxiety, stress, or sleep insomnia have spiked around the globe. Everybody feels on the edge, and hackers and cyber criminals play with these emotions to their advantage. Now, cyber threats are increasing as COVID-19 continues to cause global panic.

To best protect against threats, especially as employees work remotely, CISOs and IT managers need to encrypt and secure all devices and connections to have the best protection possible: changing passwords frequently, secure VPNs, or a multi-factor authentication are powerful practices and tools to stop cybercriminals.

Unfortunately, criminals have a wide range of offers in the cyber black market, from computer-hacker tools to services to carry out cyber crime attacks and sell the stolen data: credit card details, personal details, or intellectual property.

Have you ever wondered about the type of people who is behind a cyber attack? The increasing number of cyber crimes has motivated network forensics researchers to develop new techniques to analyse and investigate these crimes. Attackers or cyber threat actors can be grouped by their set of goals, motivation, and capabilities. Based on the motivation and classified according to the level of resources and sophistication, these threat actors can be described as:

1. Recreational

2.Cyber Criminal

3. Hacktivists

4. Organised crime

5. State-sponsored actors

Cyber security affects businesses and organisations of any size and industry. While hackers direct some of their attacks at health systems, CISOs should be cognisant of cyber criminals’ capabilities and some cyber security best practices. As a CISO or IT manager, you may be facing increased threats or pressure to improve security for your enterprise.

Increased use of a website can open new paths for hackers to breach, no matter how secure the site is. Unsecure or unencrypted connections and VPNs allow cyber criminals to access private information and leak it. This level of a breach happens to any organisation or business, so CISOs must ensure the utmost security for their company. That’s why at RedSpam we offer a free DDoS Monitoring and Mitigation Solution during this lockdown, because we want to alleviate any cyber security, to help your business through the next weeks and months.