Selecting Your DDoS Mitigation Service Provider

So the time has come to prepare your organisation against, what many would say is, the inevitable. The number of daily DDoS attacks is on the increase and coupled with minimal or no current protection, thorough research must be conducted during the selection process to ensure the solution meets your needs.

The following should be considered…

Ensure that the solution provider has local presence. Many solution providers are unable to specify the geography or the country that your DDoS attacks would be mitigated in. The implications here relate to compliance and latency. If your traffic needs to be routed to North America for DDoS attack mitigation then ensure you fully research The Patriot Act (needs suitable hyperlink) to understand the possible consequences. Also, traffic diverted for scrubbing from the UK to Canada, or from the UK to Asia, would be subjected to additional latency which may have an impact on your services and your customer’s experience during an attack.

A manned 24x7x365 security operations centre is a critical component your DDoS mitigation solution provider must have. Sadly, DDoS attacks don’t always arrive during normal office hours so the importance of easy, round-the-clock access to a team of DDoS mitigation experts is vital. Many solution providers rely on “paging” of engineers when their clients are attacked and contacting their DDoS experts by phone can prove to be extremely challenging.

So where possible, ensure that your DDoS attack mitigation solution provider is located in the same country or geography as you. A local 24x7x365 security operations centre coupled with local in-country scrubbing centres will prove extremely valuable should the inevitable happen – or perhaps, when the inevitable happens?