RedSpam Managed Solutions

The nature of business has changed, and IT departments are all about empowering the business functions – enabling better access to a remote cloud service, giving better customer experience, making sure that data is moving where it needs to, providing the right security identity access to devices and users… and making sure that data is moving where it needs to be, in the shortest time possible.

At RedSpam we understand our customers’ network and requirements to ensure any mitigation is optimised and tailored specifically to each customer. Our predictive analysis ensures that our services remain highly proactive and forever evolving in an ever-changing threat landscape.
Protect your business against cyber threats today

RedSpam Managed Services These are our current offers and available free testing services:
  1. Free automated penetration testing
  2. Free trial of DDoS mitigation service
  3. Free vulnerability scan
  4. Deception test free of charge

Using both signature analysis and dynamic profiling to identify and classify malicious activity, our experts take the time to understand your normal traffic patterns, building a profile of your legitimate traffic, improving mitigation response times and effectiveness – all governed by comprehensive SLA’s. We first profile the customers IP estate to build a picture of normal use, so that we can identify within minutes when a legitimate attack is underway, at the first sign of unusual activity patterns internet traffic is automatically diverted to a clearinghouse where it is scrubbed clean before being routed back to the customer.

Why choose RedSpam

  • 24/7/365 SOC– protective support team monitoring approach for customers' digital assets
  • Years of expertise – successfully managing DDoS attacks since 2005
  • 15 minutes SLA guarantee – ready to react and hit the downtime with a 100% record
  • Cost-Effective – whatever the type of attack, you pay the price agreed for the service
  • Skilled team – formed by specialist in every cybersecurity area
  • Global knowledge – using world-class Cyber Threat Horizon to find the latest attacks and vulnerabilities

Please view our different solutions below:

Infrastructure Protection
Website Protection
Emergency Protection Services